Кирилл Воронин (lirik92) wrote,
Кирилл Воронин


Jingle Bells
Gotham fails,
Batman's on his way.

Star Wars Back
And Force's lack
You will never say.

Loki's clash,
Hulk will smash,
Spidey will begin.

Hobbit's path
Leads him out
To the Power Ring.

Close contact:
Terror's act
Runs through alien space.

One won't bow, 
Bond, you know,
Dies in other days. 

Quentin's slaves,
Pixar's Brave,
Space and Cuaron.

Spielberg, Ross,
Singer, Joss,
Let the film go on!

One returns,
Other burns,
Legends on their way.

On this year
Myths and tails
Will forever stay!

С Новым, 2012, Годом!
Tags: 2012, ожидания, поздравления

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